Privacy Policy

At Kinbech Nepal, we value the privacy of our members. The information members provide to use our site and related applications will be used in the manner stated in this policy.

As a member, user need to provide us with their name, email address and mobile number. Same information will be requested when member registers or login using Facebook or Google. This information is needed to verify that member have functional email address and mobile number to use our site and related services. This also serves as point of contact for future communication with our members. We may use this information to send notifications, greetings and exciting promotions to the members occasionally. For accuracy of information, member may update their profile (name will be automatically updated when connected using Facebook or Google). Members also have option to remove their information from our database. In this case, member needs to send a request to remove the account.

We may share this information to the following:

  1. Companies that form part of our group of companies if that enables them to improve their respective services and products;
  2. Service providers that help us provide our services, to the extent needed to perform their duties and their functions;
  3. Government authorities, at their request and only when legally required to do so; and
  4. Purchasers or potential purchasers of our rights and obligations relating to the services we provide. In this case, all information collected are deemed assets that may be transferred to such third parties.

We collect data relating to site uses, ad posts, ad views etc. that does not contain personally identifiable data. This collected data are used internally to better understand the use of our site and applications.